Month: April 2018

Resilient Kids, Resilient Families

With an ever-changing world, resilience, or grit, is one of the most important skills our kids need to have. Our do we instill this?

4 Lessons from Inside Out for Parents

  1) Happiness is not just about joy. Happiness seems to be becoming a buzz word these days. But there’s also differing schools of thought on the pursuit of happiness. Some say that the pursuit […]

Can Teens and Kids Be Creators?

If you’re impatient, jump to 01:20 – that’s our favourite part of Obama’s message: Don’t just buy a new video game, make one. Don’t just download the latest app, design it. Don’t just play on […]

Are they ready?

The past months were contemplative months. As we spent more time with our kids, we realized 2 big themes: School isn’t preparing them for the world we are in, what more the world to come. […]