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How We Turned Terrace House into a Class on Relationships

There’s never a right time to have *that* conversation. But we found an opening to guide our kids on relationships – through a reality TV show.

We Taught Our Kids About Money Matters in 30 Days. Here’s the Story

Many people asked us to conduct financial literacy, money matters classes to kids. Well, this is what we did with our own kids!

Teaching Entrepreneurship to Kids – Does It Even Make Sense?

Is entrepreneurship a hype? Why is it important and why is everyone talking about entrepreneurship?

4 Ways to Keep Learning – For The Busy You

How many of us have thought of spending more time reading or learning a new skill, but never got around doing it because we “don’t have time”? Here are 4 (well, more than that) tools that has helped me

Resilient Kids, Resilient Families

With an ever-changing world, resilience, or grit, is one of the most important skills our kids need to have. Our do we instill this?

4 Lessons from Inside Out for Parents

  1) Happiness is not just about joy. Happiness seems to be becoming a buzz word these days. But there’s also differing schools of thought on the pursuit of happiness. Some say that the pursuit […]

Can Teens and Kids Be Creators?

If you’re impatient, jump to 01:20 – that’s our favourite part of Obama’s message: Don’t just buy a new video game, make one. Don’t just download the latest app, design it. Don’t just play on […]

Are they ready?

The past months were contemplative months. As we spent more time with our kids, we realized 2 big themes: School isn’t preparing them for the world we are in, what more the world to come. […]

10 Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids

You can already count the hours to Halloween weekend, and God knows how many times we’ve Googled “DIY (cheap) Halloween Costumes for Kids”. If you’re still looking for easy DIY halloween costumes, or simple ones […]

10 Holiday Camps Your Kids Will Love

There’s still a month to go but we know the frantic search has started… So we scoured for the best school holiday camps so you don’t have to. Here’s our curated list for you, and […]