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How We Turned Terrace House into a Class on Relationships

There’s never a right time to have *that* conversation. But we found an opening to guide our kids on relationships – through a reality TV show.

We Taught Our Kids About Money Matters in 30 Days. Here’s the Story

Many people asked us to conduct financial literacy, money matters classes to kids. Well, this is what we did with our own kids!

Teaching Entrepreneurship to Kids – Does It Even Make Sense?

Is entrepreneurship a hype? Why is it important and why is everyone talking about entrepreneurship?

These five (older) animated films will teach your entire family important life lessons to live by

It’s Saturday evening. You’re exhausted from sending the kids to classes, doing the household chores, stocking up on groceries for the week, and whipping up dinner for the entire family. All you want to do […]

A Skeptic’s Perspective on Children Enrichment Courses in Singapore

I was never a believer of enrichment courses for kids. This one camp changed my mind completely.

4 Heartbreaking Things We Found Out About Singaporean Teenagers

We took to the streets to speak to some teenagers. What we learned broke our hearts.

4 Ways to Keep Learning – For The Busy You

How many of us have thought of spending more time reading or learning a new skill, but never got around doing it because we “don’t have time”? Here are 4 (well, more than that) tools that has helped me