How We Turned Terrace House into a Class on Relationships

We're pretty liberal when it comes to movies with the kids (they are 9 and 12).

Ling Lim on September 12, 2018

We're pretty liberal when it comes to movies with the kids (they are 9 and 12).

We only draw the line at *heavy making out*, R-rated scenes. Which is why Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City on Netflix passed as a family-friendly series. And I'm going to unashamedly confess that the 4 of us (the husband included) were hooked onto it.

(If you haven't heard of it, Terrace House is a Japanese reality TV show by Netflix. It is an unscripted show about six strangers, men and women, living together. The roommates have access to a car and are free to leave the house at any time to date, work or study.)

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But to me, what's more entertaining than the series itself is the relationship advice that the husband has been dishing out to the girls as we watch the episodes. #daddysays #wordsofwisdom

1. Don't be too forthcoming

"It's good to take charge, but don't put yourself all the way out there. Know how to take the hint - if he's not responding to you, means he's not interested and you shouldn't go after him.

Don't try and tell yourself that he's into you but just playing hard to get - coz if he's playing hard to get, then he's immature and not worth it anyway."


2. Don't go for pretty boys, go for the wise ones

There's an older, matured member on the show who drops wisdom bombs.

"If your boyfriend is someone like this - matured, wise, steady, Daddy will approve. But don't go for the pretty boys - they have too many options and won't value you"

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3. Find a guy who will cook for you; not one who expects you to cook for him

While most of the members of Terrace House can't cook, one consistent action is that whenever a girl likes a guy, she will prepare a meal for him ("the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" much?).

"You girls shouldn't do this. If both parties are willing to cook for the other that is fine, but not one-directional. So find a guy who is willing to cook for you and not just expect you to cook for him."

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4. Know yourself and be yourself

One of the girls was rejected by a guy because he said she doesn't have a clear personality of her own.

"If you're insecure and don't know who you are, it will show - and it's not attractive. So many girls try to be someone they are not, just to get the guy they like. But it will fall apart, because a real relationship has to be between 2 real people."

5. A good relationship would help you grow, not put you down

"If this person makes you feel judged and ashamed, something is wrong."

"It's not to say that you must think you are right - we must know our weaknesses so that we can improve ourselves. But if this person keeps putting you down and showing you that you're not living up to their expectations, instead of building you up or encouraging you, then it's a no no."

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While some of his advices are seriously #OverprotectiveDad, most are super sound. And hopefully, the girls will remember them as they enter their dating years (which we pray will be a decade more before it hits...but we know it wouldn't be).


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